As Twitchy reported Monday, the New York Times had an article — actually, a hit piece — on parents whose politics changed over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sheera Frenkel wrote:

While they once described themselves as Republicans or Democrats, they now identify as independents who plan to vote based solely on vaccine policies.

Their transformation injects an unpredictable element into November’s midterm elections. Fueled by a sense of righteousness after Covid vaccine and mask mandates ended, many of these parents have become increasingly dogmatic, convinced that unless they act, new mandates will be passed after the midterms.

To back up their beliefs, some have organized rallies and disrupted local school board meetings. Others are raising money for anti-mask and anti-vaccine candidates….

Frenkel added that worried parents shared notes and online articles — “many of them misleading” — about the reopening of schools and the efficacy of vaccines and masks. Those crazy parents, showing up at school board meetings like domestic terrorists.

Sarah Beth Burwick has some pitches for stories on moms and COVID-19 that don’t treat the mothers as being “radicalized.”

Do any journalists want to follow up?

The moms seem more unhinged to the journalist class because they’re often closer to their children and speak up on their behalf.


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