FOX News has posted the video of Harris Faulkner interviewing Senator Joe Manchin about the fraudulently titled Inflation Reduction Act that he and Senator Schumer have concocted and put into a package to be passed via the reconciliation process. I have embedded the video below.

Faulkner touched on the surface of of Manchin’s misrepresentations regarding the substance of the bill, although she was insufficiently prepared to challenge them in any detail. Even so, however, Manchin resorted to challenging Faulkner’s patriotism. Manchin posed this lovely question to Faulkner: “Are you scared that we’re going to do something good that will help our country?”

Joe, how low can you go? I take that all by itself as a knock on the merits of the bill.

Manchin promoted it as “a red, white and blue deal, Harris, and everyone’s having a hard time understanding that we can walk and chew gum and do the great thing together, if we still start looking at our country first and quit worrying about our politics.”

You’re a grand old bill, you’re a high flying bill, and forever in peace may you wave.

Manchin also challenged Faulkner to “be optimistic” and “be an American” when she said experts predict gas prices will rise around Labor Day. Manchin has the conscience of Ted Bundy selling himself to his victims, but without the charm.

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