Recently, the world was shocked (read: not really very shocked at all) to learn that Black Lives Matter activist and self-righteous blowhard Shaun King had spent $40,000 of his social justice PAC donors’ money to buy a prize show dog for his family (only to return it to the breeder later because it wasn’t a good fit for the King Clan).

The New York Post was among the outlets that covered this latest instance of Shaun King engaging in shady financial behavior, or shady behavior of any kind. And now, King is on a rampage. A one-man crusade to make New York Post journalists pay for further exposing him as the serial fraud that we’ve always known he is:

Oh my.

Shaun King is the kind of guy who’d call his own grandmother a white supremacist if he thought it could get him sympathy from donors.

Here’s the rest of King’s Instagram post, by the way:

Nice, huh? And there’s still more threats where those came from:

This is actually some pretty disturbing stuff from Shaun King. It’s totally in-line with the kind of person he is, of course, but still, it’s pretty crazy to see just how ruthless and vengeful he can be.

And the last time we checked, King has never faced any real consequences for that. In fact, we’d go so far as to suggest that King isn’t sorry about any of it, and that he’d absolutely do it again if the chance arose.

Shaun King is not only not a good person, but he’s an outright unapologetically bad person. Evil, even.



New York Post: Activist Shaun King announces his new ‘private’ fashion line on Instagram

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