Thanks to Libs of TikTok, nutball teachers across the country (and beyond) have been exposed for attempting to indoctrinate young children into the Church of Wokeness. And most of the videos of teachers on the @libsoftiktok Twitter feed are incredibly disturbing and arouse a lot of concern and fear from parents — and sane people in general — about the future of education and the potential for lasting harm caused to children.

Yesterday, @libsoftiktok posted yet another video from a woke teacher desperately trying to make pronouns a thing for her class. But this video was different from most of the others, because in this one, the kids fought back.


“I was actually really upset because I thought he was making fun of it. And, in fact, I’m still pretty sure he was making fun of it.” Let’s just clear this up right now: that student was most definitely making fun of it. As he (rock/banana) absolutely should have.

That teacher is legit angry and offended over her students pointing out how stupid the whole pronoun thing is.

And we couldn’t be more here for it.

Oh, yeah. That’s another thing. Forgive us if we’re a little bit skeptical of the teacher’s claim that the subject of pronouns just “somehow […] came up.

Unless she was teaching grammar, in which case she could have — and should have — easily steered the conversation back to pronouns as opposed to preferred pronouns. Because that’s what a good teacher would do.

Maybe that lady shouldn’t be in charge of a classroom. Although it does seem that, in this particular case, at least, students are ready and well equipped to fight back.


More, please!

You genuinely love to see it.



Teacher whose entire second-grade class changed pronouns most upset about ‘unsafe’ adults they hide it from

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