HOLLYWOOD, CA — The 2022 Batgirl movie is canceled after $70 million dollars in Batmobiles were destroyed backing out of the Batcave. The destroyed cars depleted 90 percent of the movie’s budget and forced production to end early.

“I’m a good driver!” said Leslie Grace, who played the Batgirl. “But the Batcave is only three times as wide as the Batmobile! Anyone would make mistakes backing up!”

Before production started, the width of the Batcave was tested to ensure enough space for all drivers to back out using the Batmobile. Every test was successful, but no women were included in the test.

The director of the film expressed his frustration. “It’s a movie set! After she destroyed three vehicles we took down all the walls to CGI them in and she still managed to destroy it!”

According to the production team, Grace had one successful attempt at backing out of the cave and immediately swung open the doors into a C-stand, causing the window to shatter.

Grace reassured her crushed fans that she is still her own hero and that everyone should buy a vehicle with a backup camera.

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