Remember when parents pushed back on masking for their children and the experts shamed them for it? We do.

Welp sounds like the parents were right … again.

Maybe calling these same parents ‘domestic terrorists’ was a stupid thing to do.

Just sayin’.

Gosh, you mean covering a small child’s face constantly for YEARS could actually cause them developmental harm? We feel shocked.

OH WAIT, nope.

From Kron4:

Speech and language therapists say they’re now treating children with developmental deficits born from Covid mitigations. From understanding facial cues to reading comprehension, experts say addressing the problems early is critical.

At Little Steps in Highland Park weekly speech sessions are mixed with occupational and physical therapy are helping 6-year-old Maranella make strides.

Paige Cianciolo is a speech-language pathologist at Little Steps.

“[kids] have been working on those essential language skills — so understanding other people’s facial expressions, understanding other people’s emotions,” she said. “We weren’t able to experience those normal interactions with kids and we weren’t able to problem solve. We were on screens or we were just isolated. So that just caused a big delay from our little ones all the way up to high school.”

A big delay.

Christine Pushaw unloaded on ‘the experts’ with both barrels:

They lied.

Or they were wrong.

Then again, maybe we should learn to accept the power of AND.



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