In Wyoming, Rep. Liz Cheney, one of two Republican members of the House’s 1/6 Commission, is facing a big uphill battle to retain her seat in a primary election that is a week from Tuesday. Rep. Cheney’s down big to her GOP challenger in the state, and as a result, her campaign called in some help from her father, Dick Cheney. The former VP’s ad for his daughter goes hard against Donald Trump in an apparent attempt to justify Liz’s position on the 1/6 committee:

That hyperbolic ad focusing on Trump is just the latest example of a Cheney being triggered by Trump. Glenn Greenwald diagnosed the reason why the “Cheneys hate Trump,” and it has nothing to do with Trump being a grave threat to the nation:

The above video was the culmination of a Greenwald thread that started a couple of days ago:

It’s pretty amazing how Dick Cheney went from being “Darth Vader” to being lauded by the Left and others for warning about a “biggest threat to the Republic ever.”

We’ll see after the Wyoming primary if Liz Cheney hangs onto the House seat or ends up being the newest contributor to MSNBC or CNN.



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