If I stay overseas any longer, it’s pretty clear the usurpation of the 3wHH will morph into the “The Three McRibb Happy Meal Podcast” if I don’t put a stop to it, so I made sure to disrupt this week’s episode once again from London, this time while finishing off a bottle of Poit Dhubh (potch-goo), as fits the real show.

I didn’t stick around for long as it was the dinner hour over here in London, but I managed to get in my licks on the Joe Manchin Sellout, in which I find more and more mischief with every page. Turns out the Democrats are trying to amend the Clean Air Act to undermine the Supreme Court’s recent West Virginia v. EPA case, but trying this in a spending bill is likely impermissible under the Senate’s reconciliation rules. But what are “norms” among dreamy progressives?

After I took my leave, John and Lucretia continue their ongoing conversation about how to understand that apparent moment of revolution in jurisprudence, which John thinks isn’t merely the culmination of the Reagan-era initiative to restore constitutional originalism, but perhaps even goes beyond it.

You know what to do now: pour yourself a stiff one, or consult your local Ricochet bartender.

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