We live in the era of peak gaslighting. Recession? What recession? Inflation? The price of gas is falling! The border? We’re plugging the gaps in the wall! Hundreds of billions of dollars in more deficit spending? We’re fighting inflation! Foreign policy? It’s going swimmingly!

I guess in November we will find out whether voters believe the Democrats, or their lying eyes.

Before wrapping up, a couple of quick notes: First, Steve Hayward should be landing in the U.S. any time now, so this is my last week filling in on TWIP. It’s been fun! Thanks to all who contributed. Second, I don’t believe there is a single Star Wars or Star Trek meme in today’s lineup. I swear that is because no one sent them in, not because I ditched them. Although I might have, if given the opportunity. And finally, since this is my last contribution to TWIP, possibly forever, I thought we might do something a little different with Steve’s traditional “and finally” graphic:

Welcome home, Steve!

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