Maybe Rep. Adam Schiff missed it, but there are bunches and bunches of people basically calling him an a-hole on his tweet bragging about all of the things his party ‘has passed.’ We get it, he knows the midterms are coming up and they need to pretend everything they’ve done is GOOD for the country, but if that were the case, we wouldn’t be in a recession.

Thanks, Democrats.

Ok, they’re not technically calling him an ‘a-hole’ (luckily, most Conserva-Tweeps are more creative than that), but ain’t nobody cheering for ol’ Schiff-For-Brains or his list of supposed accomplishments.

Like, not at all.

Billions in climate investments = billions to their super-rich pals in Green Energy.

ACA subsidies … HA HA HA HA HA

And THERE IT IS, pretending corporations will foot the bill. C’mon, how can anyone fall or this crap?

This analogy works.

Translation: When Americans need a third job to cover how expensive everything is these same a*sholes will claim unemployment went down again.


Not at all.

He knows his supporters ARE.

That. ^



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