A parental advisory sticker was slapped on a photo of a dejected, or possibly exhausted, Bernie Sanders sitting on some DC steps. Fans and foes united in naming the hypothetical Bernie album.

Bernie fans chimed in with titles of encouragement and a smattering of sympathy for the Senator. The adoration among Bernie fans is palpable, it’s a wonder there isn’t already a Bernie band fan club formed.

Eye roll prompting titles highlighted issues that Sanders could probably play government issued air guitar to.

Leftists with no love for the Bern took a jab or two at the opposing leftist when opportunity knocked. Not everyone is a fan of the career politician who brings far left socialist ideas to the Democratic party mainstream.

Of course there couldn’t be a Bernie moment without a Hillary upstaging.

Finally, those on the right pounced and seized on the chance to laugh at a commie, that’s Notorious Comm. I. E. to you.

No sympathy for hypocrisy, album titles referencing Bernie’s Capitalist lifestyle with multiple privately owned houses rolled out on repeat.

Perhaps this album should be his last, Bernie is not quite the picture of youth and vigor sitting on the stairs. Several Tweeters suggested Bernie has got to be about done.

Not exactly ratio when everyone is playing, but the onslaught of hilarity, largely at Bernie Sanders’ expense, is nonetheless entertaining. Definitely do not miss the bonus track “featuring AOC and the Juicy Booties.”

After so many years in the political arena with his toes dipped in the commune, Senator Sanders has got to have thick skin. Who knows, maybe he’ll come out with an album about it that can be distributed to the public on the government’s dime.

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