A writer late last week accused comedian Dane Cook, 50, of hosting “game night” parties at his home with girls as young as 14.

The allegations from Tracie Egan Morrissey come after Cook faced backlash last week after news broke that he had proposed to “longtime” girlfriend Kelsi Taylor, 23, who is 27 years younger than he is.

Three years ago, Cook revealed that the couple met one night “at a game night I host at my place,” and that they started as friends and that it escalated from there.

“I was so ready to ask her. I was completely zen about it,” Cook said in an interview this week. “The evening of the proposal was incredibly beautiful, the weather was perfect, sunset was spectacular, and I was just quite simply very happy.”

Newsweek highlighted Morrissey’s claims in a report about Cook’s “game nights,” which noted that most attendees appeared to be older males.

“Morrissey found that actress Emily Alyn Lind attended when she was 14,” Newsweek reported, noting that she appeared in a 2017 photo posted on Cook’s Instagram account. “Saxon Paige Sharbino, is seen in group shots at 16 years old, and in individual snaps with Cook when she was 15 years old.”

The report added that there were other instances where teenage girls were at the party, but they appeared to be over 18 years old.

Regarding Cook’s relationship with Taylor, Morrissey claimed, “She was 100% under age when they first began hanging out.”

Taylor said in a recent interview that when Cook proposed to her a few weeks ago during a trip to York Beach, Maine, her “stomach flipped.”

“I couldn’t have asked for the moment to have been more perfect. All that was going through my brain was, ‘Wait, is this actually happening right now? Is he proposing?’” she said. “I was also just really focused on what he was saying to me because I was trying desperately to etch the words into my brain. They were so beautiful, I really wanted to soak it in.”

News of the couple’s engagement quickly creeped out many on social media, who alleged Taylor had a “close” relationship with Cook when she was underage.

“Just trying to imagine if even one of my friends now, in our 30s, said they had a ‘close friend’ who was 17. At 45?? Dane Cook I guess waited until her 18th birthday but PSA: if you’re waiting until something is ‘technically not a crime’ … buddy, you have already f***ed up,” writer Olivia Messer tweeted. “This was, admittedly, very hard to grasp as a teenager, which is exactly how it happens. And I’m truly sad for what today must feel like to her. But the other adults??? When Dane Cook brought this girl to parties and dinners, or mentioned it to his friends? SOMEBODY, ANYBODY??”

“I hope the graphics person who had to slap the ‘People Exclusive’ label on a photo of Dane Cook in 2022 at least had a moment where they asked themselves what decisions brought them here,” writer Chase Mitchell tweeted.

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