Congressional Democrats were sending mixed messages as soon as the Senate passed the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act.” At the same time, much of the media that helped the Dems push the bogus anti-inflation angle for the bill has now been spotted shifting gears away from what the legislation was sold to the public as vs. what’s really going on:

Out: Inflation Reduction Act.

In: Sweeping inflation and climate bill.

After the bill has been a law for a while and inflation stays the same or worsens the attempts to make everybody forget what the act was titled will get even more brazen.

The corporate media couldn’t possibly be more transparent.



Biden adviser says Inflation Reduction Act will help struggling families ‘looking to make a transition to clean energy’

President Biden says families will see their energy bills drop by the hundreds after the Inflation Reduction Act passes

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Oh honey, NO! Rep. Val Demmings claiming 50 top military leaders say Inflation Reduction Act will protect us from climate-related threats BACKFIRES

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