We figured Rep. Eric Swalwell would be front and center talking (tweeting?) out of his backside about the FBI raiding Trump’s home but the fact he got all big and bad in a tweet about the warrant made even us laugh. Show it or shut it?


Careful, he might pass gas around you or something.

Trump isn’t the one suspected of an inappropriate relationship with a Communist Chinese Spy, Eric.

Guess he was feeling left out and needed a good dragging.

Yeah, how is she, Eric?

Huh, who knew?

We say Spy Banger open for Angry Beavers in 2002.

Yes, Eric is so very, very thirsty.

That just about sums things up for us as well.



Hillary ‘Cankles’ Clinton flaunting her own corruption and using the FBI’s raid of Trump’s home to sell crap merch does NOT go well

So a RAID: Lefties and the FBI want everyone to stop calling their raid on Trump’s home a RAID because saying raid makes them look bad

David French shames people for being pissed at the FBI because GOSH GOLLY GEE, nobody is above the law (and WOW that’s a lotta backfire)


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