Former President Donald Trump had a strong showing of supporters who turned out to show their support amid the FBI’s raid of his Mar-a-Lago residence; many believe the DOJ is trying to hurt Don’s 2024 chances.

“As soon as I saw it, I drove here from Tampa. This is nuts,” said J.D. Kennon, who traveled across the state of Florida to show support for the former president. “We all know what you’re trying to do, DOJ. You’re trying to create some kind of charge, so he’s not going to be able to run for re-election.”

“They’re going to do anything they can to get him. They’re terrified of him,” another Trump supporter, Mike Baffumo, said. “And it’s not because of any other reason than the policies that he supports: America First policies.”

“What they’re doing to the president is wrong. They don’t investigate anything else, but they’re going to investigate him when he’s not even here in the dark in his home,” another supporter said.

From Fox News:

Another pro-Trump protestor named Matthew agreed. “It’s pretty sick what they’re doing. They literally raided this man’s home while he’s in a different state.”

Though many of the former president’s supporters flocked to the estate, there were also a few opponents of the real estate mogul. One anti-Trump protestor showed up with vulgar messages written on his sign, mask and clothing.

“I think what it’s going to do is it’s going to bring the Republican Party together again,” George Ford told Fox News.

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