Seems our pals in the FBI and on the Left don’t want us to call the FBI’s raid on Trump’s home a raid because apparently calling a raid a raid sets bad optics since a raid is not a good thing and we’re helping Trump ‘frame the messaging.’

Because you know, how dare we call a raid a raid when it’s evil Trump who was raided.

We’d ask what the Hell is wrong with these people but we’re pretty sure we don’t want to know.

This blue-check wrote an entire thread on it.




Wow. You know you’ve probably argued with this woman at some point.

Just sayin’.

It is a raid.

So you know, Trump’s skirt was too short.

Yeah, folks.

Quit calling it what it is.

It makes the FBI look bad and stuff.

What should we call it? Is this like redefining words again? Like woman, recession, vaccine …

Yeah, she had to know this was a mistake.

But you know, it wasn’t a raid … just a raid.

Yeah, that’s it.



David French shames people for being pissed at the FBI because GOSH GOLLY GEE, nobody is above the law (and WOW that’s a lotta backfire)

NAILED it! Mary Katharine Ham uses Crossfire Hurricane to take David Axelrod and the FBI APART in short but NOT sweet thread

100% political … DUH: Marc Elias (Hillary lackey and Russia collusion hoax guy) lets the REAL reason the FBI raided Trump’s home ‘slip’

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