We told you earlier that the Democrat lapdogs in the media have been busy spinning this news about July inflation:

Right on cue, many in the media were reporting that inflation is “taking a breather” or plunging. The hackiest of the hacks are reporting 8.5 percent inflation as “zero.”

The Biden administration had the stones to actually brag about record-high gas prices ticking downward even though many drivers are still paying over $4 a gallon, so you just knew that an 8.5 percent inflation rate would be something to boast about as well. All this means that White House chief of staff Ron Klain has been busy this morning retweeting anybody being a good lapdog by claiming there’s now “zero inflation.” Here are some examples:

This administration and many in the media changed the definition of “recession” so it shouldn’t be surprising they’re changing the definition of “8.5 percent” to “zero.”


Naturally the media’s not doing any editorializing like they did with Trump claims, which Klain obviously also appreciates:


Imagine the media “fact checks” if Trump were president under current economic conditions and said inflation was “zero.”


Straight-up gaslighting is all these people have left.



‘State media watch’: Ron Klain gives kudos to the NY Times for carrying economic water for Biden; Updated!


Editor’s Note:

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