So by now you may have heard of the helpful brochure from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the various and creative ways you can debauch yourself while avoiding the dreaded monkey pox. I hope you haven’t–but if you must look, you can read it here. I won’t quote the brochure, but in it, the CDC does feel the need to, shall we say, clarify the names of certain… orifices. It does so twice in the left-hand column of each page. I guess when the federal government is not rifling through former first ladies’ clothes, it is getting its writing tips from the Official Thesaurus for Fifth Grade Boys. This may be the first public service brochure from a federal agency that is NSFW. And to think your taxes are going up probably in part to help provide even more of this kind of outreach!

However, Britain, the country that once gave us James Bond, the Spitfire, Monty Python, Winston Churchill, and really cool bulldogs, has decided it will not let itself be outdone by its wayward daughter. The National Health Service in Wales created a website a year ago to educate the populace on the issue of menstruation. The precise, if decidedly crass name? “Bloody Brilliant.” It would appear that the NHS and its Welsh affiliate use the same thesaurus as the CDC.  Among the facts you can glean from this little slice of internet scholarship is that people who menstruate are known as “half the population,” “anyone with a uterus,” and “people who bleed.” The Post Millennial has the website’s mission statement: “We are Bloody Brilliant, a source of knowledge, support, information and empowerment for young people who bleed across Wales.”

People who bleed. If this is the case, I am in trouble. A serious storm blew through our part of the world last week, with winds just shy of what many might call a tornado. I got up before work and put our fence back up and cut myself in the process. According to “Bloody Brilliant,” I apparently “menstruated” all over the backyard and half of the kitchen. Don’t laugh. You aren’t the one who is going to have to explain this to my wife. I guess that’s why they call it MENstruation. Thank you very much; you’ve been a great audience! I’ll be here all week; be sure to tip your waitress!

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Yes, I know, I sound ludicrous. But that is exactly my point. Both of the examples above are ludicrous. And I am not the only one who thinks so. Feminist Milli Hill commented to the Daily Mail: “It’s absolutely infuriating to me. I do understand the need for inclusivity but this is not inclusivity…It’s leaving out the very people they are supposed to have at the centre of their work – women and girls.” In fact, gender-specific words like “girls” and “women” have been removed by the NHS, with the usual replacements.

Also from the same article:

Dr. Karleen Gribble, a nursing and midwifery expert from Western Sydney University in Australia, told MailOnline the confusing language was “unhelpful’.”     

 “It seems like we have gone from menstruation being unmentionable, contributing to much distress and difficulty for many young girls around their period, to the fact that it is girls and women who have periods being unmentionable,” she said.

 “Neither of these things are good.’”

 She said the lack of clarity about who actually goes through menstruation could confuse both girls and the wider public.  “It’s entirely possible that this lack of clarity about just who it is who gets periods could be confusing for many young girls,” she said.

Both the CDC brochure and NHS website are juvenile and facile. And there is a reason for that. Infantilized people who have been conditioned to put their sexual desires and their social credit ahead of their welfare, let alone the welfare of others, are easier to manipulate and control. The website, while claiming to remove the alleged social stigma associated with a perfectly natural, biological process, has instead managed to make it another exhibit in the social sideshow.

The great comedian Steve Wright once quipped: “Remember, you’re special. Just like everyone else.” Never has this been truer. The people with multicolored hair, faces full of studs, and who force everyone to play Three Card Monty with their pronouns are no longer rebels or even unique. They are passé. More faces in the small, crowded space on the cutting edge. Far from being individuals, they are now part of the masses. But while they are infantilized, they are also satiated. And compliant. The powers that be are reducing people to little more than a source of bathroom humor or a joke whispered by one grade-school boy to another during gym class. And everyone knows that children are easy to manipulate.

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