The Biden White House and Democrats (with some help from the media) have been spinning the latest inflation report with an insane amount of gaslighting. First, here’s where things stand:

Inflation cooled in July as gas prices and airfares fell, a welcome reprieve for consumers and economic policymakers but not yet a conclusive sign that price increases are turning a corner.

The Consumer Price Index climbed 8.5 percent in the year through July, compared with 9.1 percent the prior month, a bigger slowdown than economists had projected. After stripping out food and fuel costs to get a sense of underlying price pressures, prices climbed by 5.9 percent through July, matching the previous reading.

And here’s how Biden and the Democrats are spinning that 8.5 percent CPI:

The only thing that’s “zero” in Biden’s statement is the percentage of a chance that what he said is actually true. They’ve redefined the definition of “recession” and now they’ve redefined the meaning of “zero.”

Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is among Democrats attempting to take a victory lap:

Senator Ted Cruz is among those who aren’t buying the BS this administration (with the media’s help) are shoveling and brought Jean-Pierre’s economic victory lap to a premature end with a reality check:

Meanwhile, this administration would like everybody to believe what they say instead of their lying eyes, ears and bank accounts.



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