Just as one would expect, the Biden administration wasted precious little time trying to spin an 8.5% inflation increase as a good thing. Any delay was probably just because they wanted to compare notes with the media first.

As impressive as the media and Ron Klain’s intellectual gymnastics have been, though, they still look like amateur hour compared to what The Man himself, President Joe Biden, has to offer:

The economic plan is not working. Real wages are, in fact, down.

And the only track we’re on is the track to economic ruin. But other than that, lots to brag about! Like, for example, did you know that inflation was 0% last month?

A bold strategy, indeed. Because Karine Jean-Pierre’s boss, President Joe Biden, is a bold leader:

Zero, you guys. Zilch.

Nought. Nada.

Well, yes. If you receive your news from the media, then you’d indeed receive news like that.

Unfortunately, most Americans don’t trust the media — and they sure as hell don’t trust Joe Biden.

Joe Biden’s not fooling nearly as many people as he hopes. But he is insulting all of them.

Demented, even.

This is genuinely maddening.

You know what this sort of thing is called? It’s called gaslighting.

It’s all they’ve ever had.

They’ve already demonstrated over and over again that they’re willing to die on the battlefield for Joe Biden. So … the chances are pretty darn good.

Fact-check: true.

This administration has nothing but contempt for you. Never forget that.


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