Last month, Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana Trump passed away.

Some particularly nasty ghouls, like Target toothbrush guy David Leavitt, took their reactive anti-Trump responses to an especially nasty low.

Now that nearly a month has passed since Ivana’s death, you might think that the ghouls would’ve moved on to just the usual Resistance garbage. And many of them have. But not Phil Ammann.

Good thing we screenshotted it before he tried to flush it down the memory hole, because it’s the photo that really makes it:

Classy AF, Phil.

Alas, we weren’t able to capture the ratio in a screenshot. Suffice it to say, Phil took quite a beating — an extremely well deserved one.

We’re guessing he didn’t delete his tweet because he was humbled, either; he just got tired of getting smacked around in public.

We absolutely agree with that assessment.


Was it, Phil?

Can’t wait to see what our pals on the Left will come up with next!


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