Yeah, we know you know that we knew that you’d know this is the way people like John Harwood would comment on the FBI’s raid of Trump’s home. But it’s just so damn annoying.

And predictable.

And sad.

Case in point:

It’s not the actual raid on a now-citizen that’s disturbing and dangerous. No no, it’s the people who are angry about it … they’re the real problem.

From WaPo:

The National Archives discovered about seven months ago that the former president had taken more than a dozen boxes of files with him when he left office, some of them marked “top secret” — and suspected, it seems, that the documents he handed over to investigators this spring represented only a portion of the trove. Republicans are proclaiming outrage over the search, arguing that no president has ever been subjected to such a proceeding. They may be right. But then, no modern president has been the subject of as many and varied investigations as Mr. Trump — who invoked his Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination in one of them on Wednesday.

Cute isn’t it? How they pretend Trump must be guilty since this is the first time a president has been targeted in this way. OR, you know, they’re targeting him because they’re douche-canoes with a vendetta against 45.

And they wonder why so many people distrust and dislike them.


We seize in their tiny little minds as well.


Wait, that’s why they hated Trump.

Starting to see a pattern here.

Only when they agree with him.

Harwood is gonna Harwood, we know.



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