Merrick Garland used the word ‘search’ a lot during his short and not-all-all enlightening statement – guess he got the memo on not calling it a raid.

Oh, and he won’t say much about what they were doing or why they were doing it but he sure was fussy with anyone and everyone who is pissed off about this raid on Trump’s home.


So yup, he said a whole lot of nothing except for the gimme on how he signed off on the search warrant.

And not taking any questions? How very Biden of him.


Remember when he helped frame parents as domestic terrorists?

We do.

Sources. Riiiiight.



BUH-BYE! Liz Cheney tries again to pretend she’s saving MUH REPUBLIC as her primary looms closer and it does NOT go well (watch)

BOOM goes the dynamite! Truth-bomb thread of all truth-bomb threads takes the Left and media APART lie-by-obvious-lie

Don’t laugh … don’t laugh … OK LAUGH: Steve Schmidt has a bunch of #PS5s for sale (retail price!) and people have HILARIOUS thoughts


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