Democrats keep smugly saying, ‘Nobody is above the law,’ when asked about the FBI raiding former President Trump’s home … it’s been obnoxious considering so many of them DO believe THEY are above the law. Nancy Pelosi was probably the most obnoxious with the appearance of insider trading, her husband’s DUI, and of course her trip to Taiwan with her son who may or may not have been there for business reasons.

But you know, THEY’RE above the law.

The rest of us peons? Not so much.

Greg Price was good enough to drag TF out of these very Democrats … see if you can guess who he’s talking about in some of these tweets. It would actually be a pretty fun game if it weren’t so damn infuriating.

Ooh ooh, that’s the smartest guy Joe Biden knows.


Crossfire Hurricane.

Hillary Clinton … COME ON DOWN!

Eric Holder, is that you?

Awww, that’s right. That was justified and shiznit.


Fauci … this smells a little like Fauci. At least in part.

True story.

See Chicago.

See DC.

See New York City.


But you know, NOBODY is above the law.



Shady AF! Receipt-filled thread shares damning deets about man behind FBI raid on Trump’s home (Hillary connection?)

Dude, we’re laughing AT YOU, not with you: Noah Smith writes an entire thread claiming it’s the RIGHT who can’t meme and LOLOL

‘How’s Fang Fang, cheater?’ Eric Swalwell gets DROPPED over and over again for getting all big and bad with Trump about the FBI


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