The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago was supposed to be the pivotal moment that ended Trump’s political aspirations to return to the White House. Leftists cheered on all corners of social media, thinking that someone was finally going to take Trump down.

And then we found out that the “classified” documents the FBI was reportedly looking for had long been declassified and that the DOJ sought approval from an anti-Trump magistrate judge. Furthermore, the White House quickly distanced itself from the raid, claiming that no one, be they staffers or Joe Biden, knew about it.

No one actually believes that, by the way.

However, it was widely assumed that Attorney General Merrick Garland knew all about it. After all, he is the Attorney General and Trump is the former president. You don’t go barging into a former president’s home under a false pretext without getting all sorts of clearance and approval high up the chain, right?

Even former Obama adviser David Axelrod never doubted that Garland approved the raid, “Merrick Garland is a notoriously cautious person,” Axelrod dubiously claimed. “He would not have authorized it unless they believed they had significant evidence that a crime had been committed, and a federal judge wouldn’t have signed off on it, they were aware of the stakes as well.”

USA Today also wrote that “Since the warrant involved the unprecedented request to search the home of a former president, [Ellen Cohen, who worked with Judge Bruce Reinhart when he was a prosecutor] said the warrant likely would have been vetted at the highest levels of the Justice Department, including Attorney General Merrick Garland.”

Well, according to a report from Newsweek, Garland wasn’t even in the loop. According to the publication, “[a] senior Justice Department source says that Garland was regularly briefed on the Records Act investigation, and that he knew about the grand jury and what material federal prosecutors were seeking. He insists, though, that Garland had no prior knowledge of the date and time of the specific raid, nor was he asked to approve it.”

“I know it’s hard for people to believe,” the official told Newsweek, “but this was a matter for the U.S. Attorney and the FBI.”

The official claims that FBI Director Christopher Wray is the one who gave the go-ahead.

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You know, if the raid were entirely kosher, you wouldn’t have everyone in the Biden administration desperately distancing themselves from it, would you? Why is this hugely consequential raid something no one in the Biden administration wants to take credit for?

The answer is obvious, isn’t it? As PJM’s Stacey Lennox reported Wednesday, “according to a new poll from Convention of States and Trafalgar Group, the majority of Independents, 53.9%, believe Trump’s political enemies are behind the FBI Raid. They join 76.7% of Republicans who hold the same view. The two groups are also aligned on enthusiasm to vote based on the FBI raid.”

The raid also “increased the motivation to vote for 83.3% of Republicans and 71.7% of Independents.”

The corrupt Biden administration, drunk with power, screwed up royally and is trying to wash its hands of it in an effort to contain the fallout.

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