So the FBI was supposedly looking for nuclear documents in Trump’s home … docs so important they waited 18 months to go in and retrieve them. We’re certainly not experts but you’d THINK if a former president had something so important and possibly even dangerous they wouldn’t wait.

Oh, they’ll say he wasn’t cooperating but it sounds like he was and then this morning he’s encouraging the DOJ to release all of the documents so what’s the deal?

Sounds like this was a major eff-up, and that’s probably why our pals at ABC are trying to make people’s anger at the FBI and this raid about anti-Semitism.

No, we’re not joking.

Watch this:

ABC is trying to out-stupid WaPo – they’re THIS close.

Full transparency, we didn’t actually even know Garland is Jewish, and it seems like most people are in this same boat. Viva Frei even did a poll … right now, 90% of nearly 20k votes say they did nOT know he’s Jewish.

We get it, our pals in the mainstream media need to find a way to make people who are angry or afraid after the FBI’s raid on Trump’s home the bad guys but this is just stupid.


The Left would have nothing if they didn’t have identity politics to fall back on.

And the people who are upset must be neo-Nazis and stuff because ORANGE MAN BAD.

Apparently, only ABC.

So does that make THEM the neo-Nazis? Asking for a friend.



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