Ever since the FBI raided Trump’s home, we have seen Lefty after Lefty taunt the former president and all but dare him to release the search warrant if he had nothing to hide. We believe Eric Swalwell told him multiple times to put up or shut up.

Because you know, Eric is suuuuuuuper tough and stuff.

So it’s hilarious how upset they are with Trump for doing exactly what they wanted him to … he released the warrant.

To Breitbart.

Predictably, the Left is now b*tching about the way Trump released the warrant …

Because that’s all they know how to do.

Not to be completely heartless here but remember when these same people had zero concern or empathy for SCOTUS justices who were being threatened and harassed at their homes after some dillhole leaked the coming Roe decision?

We do.

But you know, it only matters when the people they care about could be put in danger.

Case in point …


The SCOTUS leaker was trying to get SCOTUS justices killed.

Not seeing a whole lot of sympathy …

Careful what you ask for, Lefties.

Think you’d know that by now.



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