Gosh, Trump doesn’t seem at all worried about America seeing the super TOP secret allegedly NUCLEAR classified files the FBI took from his home during their raid. Almost as if he’s calling the DOJ’s bluff.

Put up or shut up.

Wasn’t that what Eric Swalwell and a bunch of other buttholes on the Left kept saying?

He’s not just ‘not opposing’ the release, he’s encouraging it.

And as usual, the Left is very angry with Trump not being intimidated by the FBI or whatever agency is currently targeting him.

And yet they must believe it a little or they wouldn’t react the way they do …

Granted, they sort of wet themselves every time he says something but still.

They so badly want him to pay the price for whatever wrong they’ve come up with in their little heads

And yet Charles felt the need to say so.

Funny how that works.

Something like that.




Eric Swalwell shares ANOTHER threatening call from ANOTHER southerner who sounds kinda sorta like the LAST guy who threatened him (listen)

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