Earlier today the House Democrats cheered after they passed the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” which will send the bill to President Biden’s desk:

After that happened, CNN’s climate reporter Bill Weir noted on Twitter that not a single Republican voted in favor of “the first piece of ambitious climate legislation in U.S. history.” But the tweet soon disappeared. Guess why:

“Worse yet, their obstruction hastens the end of a livable earth.”

If Twitter’s algorithm had an auto-delete feature that eliminated extreme hyperbole, maybe that never could have been published. But it was, and Weir scrapped the tweet.

Weir acknowledged the deletion, saying it “did not land as intended”:

That had sort of a “Republicans pounce” feel to it, so Weir said that wasn’t the intent:

Does it feel like the discussion around the “Inflation Reduction Act” has strayed away from the topic of inflation? Maybe that’s the reason for the deleted tweet.

Right? That’s fairly mainstream thought on the Left these days.

Oh, clearly that’s the case! (Cue eye roll).



CNN climate journo reports Biden’s taking action ‘to help avoid planet-cooking, climate-changing fossil fuel suicide’


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