Remember how Biden, when he was lying about inflation in July being zero, said it was so important to pass the Inflation Reduction Act? Remember how every news outlet wrote about the Inflation Reduction Act? How it was a major effort to reduce inflation? How the media said Republicans must love inflation because they weren’t supporting the inflation reduction act?

Remember how Republicans kept asking what tax hikes and climate legislation have to do with Inflation Reduction in the Inflation Reduction Act?

Well I can tell you who doesn’t WANT to remember. The media! Because now that it got through the House the story is how we have become “ambitious climate legislation” we were waiting for!

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

And you’ll be equally shocked to learn they’ve switched gears from “Republicans don’t care about inflation” to “Republicans will bring about the end of days.”

Now, what would make them reluctant to call it the Inflation Reduction Act anymore? Hmm, what could it be, what could it be…


The propaganda of the MSM in the USA is unparalleled in history. Yeah, I know what I said and I’m right.


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