Wow, this is garbage, even for The Atlantic.

We suppose we should be glad that they’re at least admitting pro-abort terrorists (that’s what they are, deal with it) are attacking and vandalizing churches and pregnancy centers … but then to go off on some strange tangent that it’s somehow worse because the Right is pointing it out?


From The Atlantic:

Right-wing media outlets have provided ample coverage of this new threat, and anti-abortion politicians have demanded government action to address it. But the group’s practical significance remains in question. Just how meaningful is Jane’s Revenge? It has now taken credit for incidents of vandalism and property destruction in 16 cities throughout the U.S., among them the firebombings of a pro-life medical office in Buffalo, New York, and the offices of a Christian-fundamentalist lobbying group in Madison, Wisconsin. Two of its statements have emphasized: “We are not one group, but many.” But at this point nothing indicates that the authors of the anonymous blog posts have any real connection to the actions they cite. Emerson Brooking, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab, told me that, for what it’s worth, the group’s “high-handed and ambitious” language reminds him of the early declarations made by the diffuse hacker collective Anonymous.

Freakin’ Righties always *checks notes* talking about a pro-abortion group setting pregnancy centers and churches on fire. THE NERVE!

You’d think the actual violence would be the story here but hey, what do we know? We don’t get to write for an outlet like The Atlantic.


Our sides.


That’s apparently the real problem or something.

What they said.

Knock that off and stuff.



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