Texas Governor Greg Abbott is winning. He knows he’s winning and he’s going to continue to win because advocating for open borders, like New York City Mayor Eric Adams, and then bitterly complaining when a taste of the crisis at the border is brought to his city, is indefensible.

Adams has no intelligent response to this.

“Mayor Adams said that they welcome in illegal immigrants,” Abbott said. “And now once they have to deal with the reality of it, they’re suddenly flummoxed and they cannot handle it.”

Abbott added: “They are now getting a taste of what we’re having to deal with… the challenges that Texas is dealing with every day.”

Adams threatened to send a bus full of New Yorkers to Texas to campaign against Abbott, who is running for re-election. A bemused Abbott exclaimed, “Make My Day.”

Abbott said there “could hardly be anything better” for him than for Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke to be “aided by a bunch of New Yorkers.”

“That will not be viewed very positively by the state of Texas,” he said.

Abbott also accused Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul, both Democrats, of “rank hypocrisy” for attacking his motives in responding to what he calls President Biden’s “open border policies.”

“Listen, New York is a sanctuary city,” Abbott said.

Abbott was too polite to mention that Texas is a conceal/carry state, and New York Democrats would stick out like a sore thumb in Texas. One can also imagine Beto O’Rourke, Abbott’s Democratic challenger, on the phone with Adams ten minutes after that story dropped, begging him not to blow up his campaign by sending a bunch of Yonkers to help him.

Adams continued to open his mouth about Abbott — with predictable results.

“He is a anti-American governor that is really going against everything we stand for,” Adams blasted in response to a question from The Post.

“And I am going to do everything feasible to make sure Texans, the people of Texas, realize how harmful he is to us globally.”

Adams then called Abbott a “global embarrassment.”

“Because this is not what we do as Americans,” the mayor said.

“All of us — and I’m sure if he goes into his lineage, he came from somewhere. And if his ancestors were treated the way he’s treating these asylum seekers and migrants, then he would not be where he is right now.”

Abbott’s ancestors are from very old colonial stock, and the newcomers are going to enjoy life and liberty and have a far easier time than Abbott’s ancestors, who scratched a living out of the ground in 1740s North Carolina. Abbott’s ancestors didn’t have a beneficient government — supported by the American taxpayer — to see to their every need.

But it’s an idiotic argument for Adams to make — the “Look! Squirrel!!” kind of argument that a loser makes.

Adams says that the city is “unable to receive people at one location and give them the support they deserve… but often they end up at our intake centers.” But Abbott has made absolutely no secret of where the illegal aliens are going to be dropped off — the Port Authority Bus Terminal. And since the Operation Lone Star program has been bussing illegals for more than a month, why isn’t Adams and New York City government prepared to meet them?

Adams wants the chaos because he wants Uncle Joe to stop Abbott from picking on New York City and figures if he makes things bad enough for the illegals, the Feds will be forced to step in.

Otherwise, Adams would do well to keep his mouth shut because every time he opens it, he puts his foot in.

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