Jesse Watters and Stephen Miller on Friday had a great couple of minutes absolutely destroying the weaponized DOJ’s corrupt persecution of Trump this week and the media’s utter, state-run complicity in it.

But the best part was the one simple, basic, fundamental fact that destroys the entire fake premise of this banana republic charade.

“Donald J. Trump IS the classification authority. He IS the decider of what is and what isn’t classified.”

Yeah of course people have been saying that elsewhere today, but Miller puts the bow on it perfectly.

“National archivists and FBI agents saying ‘we know what’s classified, not Donald Trump’ would be like a heckler at a Yankees game actually getting to make the calls when he disagrees with the umpire,” said Miller. “Donald Trump is the umpire of what is classified. This is all pretextual for Get Trump!”

Exactly and perfectly well put.

They have no case. They had no cause. They have no justification. Zero. If anyone should be facing charges it’s the people behind this junta. Like Merrick Garland.

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