The GOP primary for Wyoming’s at-large congressional seat that is currently occupied by January 6th Committee member Rep. Liz Cheney is Tuesday, and according to polls Cheney’s about to be swept out of office:

According to the 2022 Wyoming Primary Election Survey conducted by the University of Wyoming’s Survey & Analysis Center, Cheney is now trailing by nearly 30 points with 27.8 percent compared to Hageman’s 57.4 percent among likely GOP voters.

Broken down by party, Republicans favor Hageman by a margin of 68 percent to Cheney’s 15 percent while Democrats favor Cheney 98 percent to Hageman’s 2 percent. Independents are more evenly split with Cheney up slightly at 43 percent over Hageman’s 41 percent.

Former Obama adviser David Axelrod presented a theory for why Cheney keeps falling farther behind in the polls, and that it’s because she’s unable to hold public events:

Does it sound as if the list of excuses for a huge Cheney loss is already being written?

What Axelrod tweeted is also the story Cheney is likely to tell after losing and getting a gig at MSNBC or CNN.

Yeah, there’s that too!

When it comes to getting triggered over “threats,” the Left needs to sit this one out.

Cheney’s campaign is trying to avoid those optics and that’s the reason she’s not having more public events.



David Axelrod has a lovely talk with cancer-causing sexist Mitt Romney about ‘the need to reduce the venom in our politics’

How bad is the polling right now for Dems if THIS is what David Axelrod is tweeting out right now?

David Axelrod accidentally makes the case FOR gun ownership and the Second Amendment in tweet that REALLY pisses the Left off


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