People will call it “whataboutism,” but we don’t care. There’s a lot of talk of the FBI removing classified documents from Donald Trump’s home Monday, with some speculation that there are even “nuclear documents” in there. Plenty of conservatives have pointed out that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was admonished for mishandling classified documents, but she was never raided by the FBI.

There’s just so much material out there that we know about — remember when Clinton claimed she didn’t know that the (C) mark on documents meant they were classified? She just thought the (C) was a paragraph marker. That was she was able to lie and say she never sent or received anything marked classified through her unsecured homebrew email server — that and the fact that her inner circle was suspected of stripping the classification markings from classified documents? We have an email trail showing that. Remember when the FBI itself missed classification markings on Clinton’s emails?

We could go on and on — there’s plenty in the archives — but here’s a good thread by Ian McKelvey wrapping things up:

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