(THE NEW AMERICAN) – It’s a sign of the times that people espousing traditional morality are now called rebels, or, maybe, reactionary. The Boy Scouts, for instance, went from mainstream to maligned to, after their moral collapse, part of the cultural effluent stream. Yet as risibility becomes de rigueur, traditionalism can become trendy. Hence the rise of a counter-cultural group that’s young, hip, intellectual — and traditionally Catholic — and alarming to the Left.

First Things senior editor Julia Yost wrote about this in a Tuesday New York Times guest essay titled “New York’s Hottest Club Is the Catholic Church.” As she explains: “As senior churchmen seek to make Catholicism palatable to modernity, members of a small but significant scene are turning to the ancient faith in defiance of liberal pieties. The scene is often associated with “Dimes Square,” a downtown Manhattan neighborhood popular with a pandemic-weary Generation Z — or Zoomer — crowd, but it has spread across a network of podcasts and upstart publications. Its sensibility is more transgressive than progressive. Many of its denizens profess to be apolitical. Others hold outré opinions, whether sincerely or as fashion statements. Reactionary motifs are chic: Trump hats and “tradwife” frocks, monarchist and anti-feminist sentiments. Perhaps the ultimate expression of this contrarian aesthetic is its embrace of Catholicism.”

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