In response to the tragic news that Texas youth football coach Mike Hickmon was senselessly shot and killed over a dispute on the field, blue-checked Canadian journalist Richard Labbe claimed the real reason this happened is that “in most States, you can buy a gun like you can buy a bag of chips”.

This is such an astoundingly bad take that it’s difficult to know where to begin. We suppose the audacity of someone who lives in Canada weighing in with their fevered imaginings of U.S. gun policies is as good a place as any to start.

Let’s move on to the blatant falsehood that in most States, you can buy a gun like you can buy a bag of chips.

Licensed firearms dealers are required by law to do a background check, either by using the federal NCIS system or initiating an independent check by contacting the FBI. We don’t recall the clerk at the convenience store running our numbers the last time we bought a bag of chips there. Or any other time, really.

Us too, we guess.

We’re not holding our breath on that one.

An excellent suggestion!

Labbe’s tweet also implies that there is no personal responsibility in the choice to discharge a weapon, which went over about as well as you might expect:

Misinformation of the kind that Labbe is spreading helps nothing.

Speaking of helping, keep an eye on this tweet. If and when a fund is started for the Hickmon family, this should be a good place to find it:

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