We had to watch this more than once to believe it was real.

Hey Biden admin losers, when even ABC has doubts about your propaganda you KNOW it’s bad.

Watch this between Jonathan Karl and Karine Jean-Pierre, he even calls the act, ‘Orwellian’:

Psst. Karine. Raising taxes and printing money won’t reduce inflation …

Notice she didn’t really answer his question.

They never do.

We never thought we’d miss Jenn Psaki but man, Karine is just bad at this.

Oh yeah, and it will really hurt the lower and middle class.

Yay, Democrats!

Cringe-worthy. Yup.



‘Dumbest tweet in HISTORY’: Media comparing Liz Cheney to Obi-Wan in that she’ll be more POWERFUL after losing BACKFIRES

Cue the mouth-breather MELTDOWN –> Rand Paul pushes to repeal the Espionage Act and Lefties lose their freakin’ minds

Kamala Harris dazzles with yet another of her trademark dazzling pearls of wisdom, THIS time about equity … we think (watch)


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