When Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke at the ‘Unite and Win’ event from Turning Point on Sunday we all expected it to be awesome. And it was. You may have seen clips floating around already on social media and conservative websites, but interestingly, unlike a Trump rally, the MSM is hiding the ball on most of what DeSantis had to say.

It’s almost like they are afraid people will hear him and recognize truth. It’s almost like they are afraid the power that Trump has to dominate media could explode in other Republicans like the Governor if they let his remarks get out.

Here are two clips and then the full speech. The first clip, of him talking about the FBI raid, is essential viewing. If you haven’t seen it you have to see it. If you haven’t shared it you have to share it. It’s just a minute or so, and it’s something we’ve heard from others. But this is a sitting governor with major national power.

This should be heard from every Republican voice, and the fact that Ron DeSantis is saying it out loud should leave no cowardice in any other conservative with a platform.

“They are enforcing the law based on who they like and who they don’t like. That is not a republic, maybe that’s a Banana Republic if that happens.”

The second clip needs only one quote: “Faucian Dystopia.”

Here is the full speech.

And now the press knows what Kari Lake meant by this.


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