We’re sorry we missed this last week, and now that our attention’s been drawn to it, we can’t believe it’s still up. Tristan Snell is a lawyer who prosecuted Trump University and seems to agree with NBC News’ Ken Dilanian, who speculated that Donald Trump could have had the highest-level secrets at his home: “We’re talking about things like names of CIA sources in Moscow or images of the most advanced spy satellites.”

There was a lot of talk last week about the FBI seizing “nuclear documents” from Mar-a-Lago, and Snell is begging to know if President Joe Biden changed the nuclear codes when he assumed office.

Relax, the nuclear codes are safe with a 79-year-old man with dementia. Remember last year at a speaking event when he pointed out the military aide carrying the nuclear football? And then he did it again a couple of months later?

Yes, Trump was storing the nuclear launch codes in Melania’s closet, right where the FBI would think to look.

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