We’ve heard stuff like this before with climate change alarmists: there is no “other side” to the climate change argument; it’s settled science, and there’s no reason to be giving any skeptics media coverage. Now Jezebel is reprinting a letter from Physicians for Reproductive Health, who are requesting that the media no longer give airtime or print to “anti-abortion propagandists,” because there is no “both sides” to the debate over whether abortion should be legal.

Jezebel reports:

Abortion providers have a rather simple request for members of the media: “Stop giving air-time to anti-abortion activists.” In a letter published Monday exclusively on Jezebel, more than 600 doctors, nurses, social workers, nonprofit organizations and abortion support staffers demanded media get wise to how damaging “both sides” coverage actually is.

“We are asking for a commitment from the community of media outlets reporting on abortion to keep in mind the true danger that you present when interviewing anti-abortion extremists,” reads the letter, which was organized by Physicians for Reproductive Health (PRH). “You are giving the opportunity for dangerous lies to spread. You are, by way of asking them questions, legitimizing their answers. You are allowing hateful, dangerous harassers to build a base that encourages protesting at clinics, stalking and harming clinic staff and abortion providers, and online and in-person abuse of people who have abortions and those who support them in getting that care.”

Maybe these 600 people could also ask Jane’s Revenge and friends to stop firebombing and vandalizing crisis pregnancy centers with graffiti reading, “If abortion isn’t safe, you aren’t safe.”

Check out the wording Jezebel’s Caitlin Cruz uses:

This is something I’ve noticed in my own reporting and reading on the subject. A recent Washington Post feature about an anti-abortion activist planning to open a massive anti-abortion pregnancy “care” center in South Texas quoted one forced-birth activist as saying, “I’ve seen a lot of 13-year-olds do phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal” as mothers.

“Anti-abortion activist,” “anti-abortion pregnancy ‘care’ center,” “forced-birth activist.” They certainly didn’t have to ask Jezebel twice.

They wouldn’t feel compelled, like CBS News’ former “abortion access reporter,” to try to balance their news stories.

There are a lot of sorely mistaken people in the replies who think the only opposition to abortion comes from the religious, and it’s science vs. the invisible man in the sky. You don’t have to believe in God to believe killing a child out of convenience is wrong.


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