Dangit Joe, I’m a doctor (not in the literal sense), not a fashionista! A photo of Jill Biden, brought attention to the current First Lady’s latest fashion challenged outfit. There was no mercy in the pouncing.

Jill Biden is no fashion doctor.  Her progressive fashion sense left many wondering just what our First Lady was thinking.

Comparisons were made. Not that long ago, there was a lady in the White House with undeniable style.

Not  every woman is expected to be so lovely as Melania Trump. Come to think of it, prior First Ladies have also been subjected to outfit criticism. Consider Hillary Clinton, for instance.

At least Jill Biden doesn’t appear to be wearing a rug. The dress did draw some amusing comparisons though.

Sheets, drapes, diapers, whatever the look, there are plenty of opportunities for improvement. Cue the photoshop.

That’s quite the family resemblance.

Maybe the pouncing is a tad harsh. It’s really not that easy to look good in a lampshade.

There has to be a reason that Jill went with the look. Someone must have told her it was the perfect outfit for the occasion.

There is only one way to make people stop talking about a fashion fail (remember the lemon look?), and that is to wear something worse. Jill Biden probably shouldn’t quit her doctor thing for a fashion world foray.

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