Last week, The Atlantic put out a piece about Jane’s Revenge, a terrorist pro-abortion group that is destroying churches and pregnancy centers and they claimed it wasn’t the fact that this group was terrorizing the pro-life movement that was the problem. No no, it was that the right-wing keeps NOTICING IT.

In fact, she said we are ‘eating it up.’

Weird, right? You’d think the actual destruction would be the issue but no no … bad ol’ right-wingers.

And then they released this piece of garbage yesterday.

Yes, on a Sunday.

Sooo … the Rosary is now a problem?



Told you guys.

Stephen Miller was good enough to take them apart:

When The Atlantic folds it should be a national holiday.

That’s a nice touch.

He kept going.

We’re going to guess that no, no he does not get it.

We’re not holding our breath … like eat all.



What … the Hell is going on here? John Fetterman makes Kamala Harris look like some great ORATOR in latest campaign speech (watch)

Did Al Franken MEAN to put the final nail in Liz Cheney’s campaign’s coffin because YUP we’re pretty sure he just did (and we can’t stop laughing)

THIS: Mom takes the CDC and their original COVID restrictions APART reminding them what they did to Americans to ‘protect us’ in SAVAGE thread


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