David Roberts left Vox nearly two years ago. But he’s been keeping plenty busy, rest assured.

These days, he runs a newsletter and podcast about clean energy and politics. And he’s just as smug and out of touch as he ever was.

Check out his recent thread, in which he explains why exurban and rural conservatives flock to Trump rallies and other redneck rube activities and events:

David’s right about that: no one should be even remotely surprised that he’d say something so dumb.

And let’s face it: conservatives only operate on a brainstem level, right?

Maybe it doesn’t match his experience because he’s an insufferable prig whose fellow small-towners simply couldn’t stand to be around him.

Yeah, that’s probably what it was.

That is what David Roberts actually believes.

What a twerp.

People are only around David Roberts because in a city, they have to be. And he thinks this country would be a better place if more people strived to be as worldly and sophisticated as he is.


Nobody wants to find David Roberts.



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