Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

And to commemorate the solemn occasion, Resistance GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger would like to remind us all that it’s totally unfair to place all the blame on Biden, who was President of the United States when he greenlit the withdrawal without having anything resembling a contingency plan in case everything went to hell:

So that’s Adam Kinzinger’s contribution to the discussion. It brings just as much to the public discourse as he does. Which is to say, it’s absolutely worthless.

Wasn’t Joe Biden elected because he was supposed to be better than Donald Trump? Smarter? Wiser? More foreign-policy-savvy? More of a grownup?

Because that’s what people like Adam Kinzinger told us. And yet here they are, making Biden out to be some victim of circumstances beyond his control, a victim of Trump’s poor leadership, ineptitude, and incompetence.

Is Joe Biden the adult in the room or isn’t he, Adam?

Joe Biden was supposed to restore accountability to the White House. But why should he if the Adam Kinzingers out there refuse to hold him accountable?

Maybe Adam Kinzinger forgot.

Or maybe he’s just a dishonest man.


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