Have you ever met someone and asked them where they’re from? Well, congratulations: you’re officially a racist. At least according to Uju Anya, a professor who specializes in applied linguistics, as well as a self-described “antiracist” and “feminist” whose research includes “Language learning+teaching, Blackness in multilingualism.”

Oh, and views are hers. So you can go ahead and give her full credit for coming up with this stupid take:

Thank you, Antiracist Emily Post, for your etiquette lesson. Now go sit in the corner and think about what you just said and why it’s so terrible.

Or just let us tell you.

Asking someone about themselves is white supremacy now? Would Dr Anna Piela #abortionisahumanright and Uju Anya prefer that we just spit on them when we meet them? Would that be more polite?

Why on earth would you apologize for wanting to connect with people who are different from you?

So you can’t ask someone where they’re from, but you can tell someone else where you’re from even if they don’t ask. Isn’t that presumptuous? Rude? Who are you to think that other people need to know about your home and origins when they meet you? You think your life story is more important than theirs?

You see where Uju Anya’s argument eventually winds up? In the trash. Which, incidentally, is where it belongs.

Antiracists have to make everything about race. Because antiracism is just racism shrouded in wokeness.

In other words, Tracy, you haven’t allowed your mind to be completely devoured by brain worms.

We honestly couldn’t care less where she’s from.

Well, we definitely know where she can go.


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