The key to free speech is censorship and regulation. Alrighty then.

How ’bout NO?

From The Guardian:

Those worried by a lack of online accountability are convinced the only solution lies in somehow ending anonymity in that domain. Some claim anonymity helps whistleblowers and others – but such benefits are massively outweighed by the harm done by the unruly and unknown mob. The very fact that social media companies enjoy global accessibility should impose an added obligation on corporations to accept they are “publishers not just platforms”. Great as the technical problems may be, they must be held to account for the harm they can cause to others.

This is the debate now thundering into view. The correct response to the Rushdie outrage is not just to plead for freedom of speech, but to ask what it really means and how it is to be sustained – and regulated. That is not done through silence.



What she said.



Gobbledygook or not!



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