It feels like old times writing about the mainstream media getting something GROSSLY and embarrassingly wrong about Trump. They did so much of it while he was president because they all wanted to be the first to find something horrible to report about the guy. Some things never change.

By now, we all know the FBI actually did have Trump’s passports BUT you know, it wasn’t much of a story for CBS’ Norah O’Donnell to verify Trump’s claim so the moment she could claim otherwise, she did.


That’s cute.

And yeah, they did have them.


We’d shame Peter Strzok but we all know he has no shame to speak of.

And of course, there’s David Frum and our favorite troll, Adam Kinzinger.

As for the CBS story, we’re not seeing a correction yet?


Ain’t the truth?



WHOA… WTF?! FBI informant in Whitmer kidnapping trial drops bombshell about the FBI requesting police allow armed protesters in the Capitol

I used to think Liz Cheney was AWESOME, even a friend … I was wrong, so very very very wrong (vote accordingly, Wyoming)

‘The Atlantic is bad. REALLY bad’: RedSteeze takes The Atlantic APART for a plethora of crap articles (attacking the Rosary?) in BRUTAL thread


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