Drum roll, please. The number of total illegal migrant encounters in July 2022 is 199,976. That number is slightly less than the number recorded in June 2022. The number of total illegal migrant encounters in just the first 10 months of the federal government’s fiscal year already exceeds the total during the fiscal year 2021. A new record has been set.

The Biden administration relishes calling all actions taken historic ones. To hear them pat themselves on the back, you would think this is the most awesome presidential administration ever. That’s a joke, of course, because this administration makes Jimmy Carter’s administration look competent. I always thought the Obama administration was a close second to Carter’s but, no, Biden’s has taken the title. In just eighteen months, Biden’s list of crises continues to grow. One of the worst is Biden’s border crisis. Even the New York Times has to write about it.

Unauthorized crossings typically decline during the summer months. Even so, the number of apprehensions each month continues to be higher than most of the previous years. That pattern has continued since the spring of 2021, a trend Republicans blame on President Biden’s campaign promise to be more welcoming to immigrants than his predecessor, and on the policies of his administration.

By the end of June, border officials apprehended people more than 1.74 million times, breaking the record from the total number during the government’s 2021 fiscal year of more than 1.73 million, which at the time was the highest number of illegal crossings recorded since at least 1960. The government’s fiscal year ends Sept. 30, and at this rate, the total number of crossings for the year is likely to exceed two million.

It is no longer true that the majority of migrants are families. In July, 67% of migrants apprehended were single adults. Of the apprehensions in July, 134,362 were single adults and 74,573 were expelled using Title 42. The majority of illegal migrants are being released into the country, not sent back over the border or back to their home countries. The total number of migrant encounters since October 2021 is 1,946,780.

Biden’s border crisis is a national security threat to the United States. In July, there were 10 Terrorism Screening Database hits (TSDB) from migrant apprehensions. For FY 2022, TSDB hits total 66 so far. The total TSDB hits have more than doubled from the previous five years combined. That may not look like a big number of migrants showing up in the terrorism database but it only takes a small number of people to do bad things. These were the ones who were apprehended. How many on the terrorism database were among the hundred of thousands of ‘gotaways’? More than 525,000 “gotaways” have been recorded across the border since Oct 1st.

In the Del Rio sector last weekend, in a 24-hour span, Border Patrol agents saw 2200 migrants.

The stream of migrants is relentless. Imagine seeing 2,200 migrants in the small border community of Eagle Pass, Texas, population 30,000 in the span of just one day. That wasn’t an outlier. That is a regular occurrence. Desperate times call for desperate measures. To get the attention of the Biden administration, Texas Governor Abbott and Arizona Governor Ducey are sending buses of migrants to Washington, D.C. and New York City, two blue cities that claim to be sanctuary cities. The mayors of both cities have freaked-out over the small number of migrants arriving on buses, though, and have proven to be hypocrites. They both immediately called for federal assistance. Mayor Bowser in Washington accused Governor Abbott of “tricking” migrants to get on buses and Mayor Adams in NYC calls him unAmerican. He also accuses Abbott of sending migrants on long bus rides without water or food. Migrants make the trip to either Washington or NYC voluntarily. And, they are provided with both water and food for the trip.

The Biden White House is quick to slam Abbott and other Republicans when they ask for help in dealing with the open border.

A White House official told Fox News Digital that the White House has “been in regular contact with Mayor Adams and his team and are committed to working with them as we do effectively with other local leaders through FEMA funding and other support.”

“As we have always said, there is a process in place for managing migration flows, and Republicans governors should stop meddling in that process and using desperate migrants as political tools,” the official said.

Oh really? When will the whole “managing migration flows” thing start? It’s been almost two years and we haven’t seen it yet.

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