As you know, it was April when the Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz did a hit piece on the woman behind the Libs of TikTok account, not only naming her but including a link to her real estate license (which WaPo tried to stealth-delete) and showing up at the homes of her relatives. Lorenz is allegedly a technology journalist, which makes it so interesting that NBC News’ “tech and culture reporter” Kat Tenbarge would target Libs of TikTok.

Over the past couple of days, we’ve done tweets about videos put out by Boston Children’s Hospital in which they argue that children know they’re transgender as soon as they can form the thought in their heads, and they express this by, for example, playing with “opposite-gender” toys or trying on siblings’ clothes. We’re not sure how old they have to be for the hospital’s gender-affirming hysterectomy.

Tenbarge, unbiased reporter that she is, called out Libs of TikTok’s “hateful anti-trans and anti-queer rhetoric” targeting a children’s hospital.

“This is stochastic terrorism, full stop.” Yes, posting the hospital’s own YouTube videos on Twitter is terrorism.

And you might note as a journalist that “anti-trans” Libs of TikTok only does posts on transgender issues that involve young children. She doesn’t retweet anything about trans adults unless they’re teachers talking to their students about their gender identity.

Put Kat Tenbarge on a watch list with Taylor Lorenz as “tech” journalists with an agenda.

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